Mentorship Consultation

Improve Training Groups

Could you use help?  One training officer, small budget, member bias regarding "mandatory training" and a pat on the back from the fire chief assigning you to the role.


Thanks for the promotion but I am going to have a difficult time getting this to happen.  Your resolution is to think "I am the training officer" over and over again.  You now have options.  PSEN can help.  Assess the state of your training group, media assets, budgets, goals and expectations.  We will work with you as a mentor to help you get it all together.


No long term contracts and cost effective.  Book time with me today for a free assessment.


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Initial Step(s)

Experience a relationship with a seasoned trainer, curriculum developer, and teacher to help you earn the title of master instructor within your organization.   How do you learn to be a productive trainer?  How will you transition from your current rank to training officer of the department?  I would like to shadow you and help prepare you for an effective fire service training career.

  1. Set up a meeting with you, your staff and/or chief officer to do a meet and greet.  (In person or conference call)
  2. Determine a plan of action incorporating goals, expectations, and assessment of current training.
  3. Modify plans, improve your quality of training.   (upgraded, updated or re-purposed.)
  4. Create a time frame based on prior steps, annual budget and prospects for additional funding.
  5. Discuss progress, modify the plans, create standards for what is taught along with data collection.
  6. Measure results - modify as needed and communicate as needed.





Need a department specific training web site?  As an add-on item PSEN can provide a separate web site designed to be password specific, contain only training to meet your goals and modernize your group.  Ask about it.