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Mayday - or - Dropped scba?


bob colameta





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Are we hurting ourselves?


We have SCBA packs many with built in alarm activation when we fail to move at set times.  All this technology yet we (the end users of the SCBA) continue to fall into this area of misuse.  This misuse has become a hazard to our life safety.


Tune into any news broadcast.  They show fireground video and in most cases you hear the SCBA alarm sounding continuously.   Since it happens often and in virtually all cases it appears to be a "dropped pack" we do not treat it as an actual mayday situation.


When IC or Safety do investigate and actually turn off the pressurized dropped SCBA.


But what if a mayday is called and the victim (firefighter) activates his/her alarm will we recognize and respond?


It matters!!

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The basis for Belief, Misconception, Consequences