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Back Step to the Front Seat



More shows coming

Multi-part Series ...   Truth that comes from the transition from the back step to the front seat.  This season PSEN will produce a series that can help.


  • Ready ... Why transitioning is challenging
  • Ready...  Tribal harmony matters
  • Ready ... First on-scene and the operational triad
  • Soon...    Why SWOT works and why walk about helps
  • TBD ...    Bridge the gap - Building construction and hazards
  • TBD...     Putting in all together and series conclusion

New for January 2018

This interview is with Chris Naum.  Chris, has experience and credentials to back what he says especially when you are talking building construction and fire impact.  So ...


Are you prepared to be the first attack crew into the fire?  I am talking about building construction and what firefighters need to know.   Enjoy listening.

Others released during 2017

PSEN in conjunction with Rick Best opened this series talking about the manner a firefighter might consider when moving from the back step to the front seat.  We talked about using the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives as a foundation to begin a steady and methodical change in culture.  We hope you enjoy this podcast.

In this episode I talked with Jay Ruoff a friend, colleague and now a retired Chief of Operation with the Littleton Colorado Fire Department.  Jay brings his thoughts, experiences, and wisdom to the episode.   Listen and enjoy.

This is a two part episode about the social aspects of group dynamics.  Alfred LeBlanc my friend and retired fire chief from Leominster Massachusetts.  He talks about the power we all have to make things better for members of our service.