our clients

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue


This organization covers significant area with 78 stations.


In 2016 they contracted with PSEN to educate many of the command staff across their region.  At that time we provided adjunct study in ISO for 102 miami-dade members.


Add another 31 for the spring of 2017.

North Dakota Firefighters Association


PSEN has worked with NDFA over the last few seasons.


We have presented:


  • Style & Delivery
  • Thinking Safety
  • 16  Life Safety Initiatives.


We have taught each in Bismarck and again in Fargo

Ohio State Fire Marshal


PSEN has been contracted to teach in Ohio betwwen 2012 to present.


We have presented:


Style & Delivery

ISO Certification & Testing

Thinking Safety


We have taught in numerous townships and have met great people.



PSEN had been awarded the chance to convert their earlier edition of ISO by Dave Dodson into an online component for the organization.


Between 2010 and 2015 we modified and hosted an ISO LMS so that others could utilize the on-line adjunct study program for ISO certification.


In 2015 Dave Dodson sold the publishing rights to Jones and Bartlett Publishers.  PSEN has been given the chance to create a PSEN version of the ISO 3rd edition and host it in J&B  LMS