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National fire protection assoc.

National Fire Protection Association The National Fire Protection Association hired us to create, develop and deploy a program sponsored by the National Volunteer Firefighter Association. Nine months from vision to reality we presented NFPA with a four hour deliverable called Company Officer Responsibility Incident Safety. NFPA partnering with the Fire Department Safety Officers Association deployed this to large and small organizations across the country. The basis of the program is reducing accident, injury and fatalities on the fire ground. Fire ground accidents continue to remain higher than hoped. Other programs being taught across the country involving health, wellness and driving accidents have begun to see a significant reduction in line of duty deaths. NFPA and this program combine standards, 16 firefighter life safety initiatives, Incident Safety Officer training.


Fire ground Safety and Survival and NIOSH reports to present valuable information to influence change. Best of all the information is easily available.


We utilizing a modified Instructional Design System to meet the expectations of NFPA and developed the media, lesson plan for delivery as well as the train-the-trainer components.  One final expectation was creating an executable program so that this material could be installed onto a computer. One that allowed a desktop icon to be selected, clicked and a user interface would appear for ease of management of materials.