Old media - new life

PSEN "Repurposing" - A "must do" for your existing media!


What is re-purposing and how can it help?


'Repurposing' ...  We believe it means that all of a persons earlier media works can be updated/upgraded to give it new life.  The ultimate form of presentation recycling.


PSEN ... efficiently and effectively improves your material, improves lesson plan content, and improves style and delivery.

PSEN Media Restoration Of all your Power Point presentation which would you like to see brought back to life. We all know that some of our select media has valuable information but may lack the style expected by audiences today. PSEN has been restoring media for organizations like the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and the Fire Department Support Systems. Send us your material in outline format or in its current state and we can discuss options and pricing.
Clients send slide outline with notes. PSEN creates the "after" look. These looks are influenced by what each Power Point restoration client prefers.