Microsoft Teams

What is Got Team's?

Microsoft Teams


PSEN has significant experience(s) managing/leading teams that must develop projects on time and on budget.   PSEN has begun to offer team management consultation services.


You may have a small budget but need to update/upgrade your training material.  You put someone in charge of the team.  They put together another smaller group of team players.  Managing these team projects can be challenging.   A few weeks after beginning a new team project, you look for a program update.  Your team leader reports, emails are out, roles assigned and progress is pending.


Utilizing TEAMS we create a distinct development channel to communicate from team quarters. No emails are needed because MS Teams Chat are available and more efficient.


Team members can edit PowerPoint using TEAMS online.  Software provided by PSEN.

Everything under one roof.  Team members can catch up at any time and contribute in many ways.   They can schedule meetings, chat, ask questions, add files and associated materials.  If your team would like to become part of our services we will meet with you, conduct a needs assessment, set up a team channel and begin.