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The Essex County Experience


PSEN was hired to with with the Essex County Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts. They had been awarded a training and education grant. The Association offered every firefighter, no matter rank, the chance to study, test and become certified nationally as Incident Safety Officers.


We enrolled 364 students and 250 finished as certified Incident Safety Officers.


Our classroom photo album. An impressive 17 classes that this trainer will never forget.

Students say ...


Having spent eleven years in post-secondary education, receiving a B.S.,J.D., and M.Div it is fair to say that I have spent thousands of hours in the classroom. I have found that a professor/instructor can not fake two things - actual working knowledge/experience in a given subject , and a passion for a subject. Bob displayed both of these qualities. It was immediately apparent that Bob knew what he was talking about, explained through real life examples-


Michael Cupoli, Manchester MA. Fire Department


I have taken many training courses during my career but this one ranks at the very top. Not only was the material excellent ( it was presented to our level not by some yahoo brainiak trying to jam useless info to us ) !!! But Bob made the presentation interesting. You could feel his passion for what he was teaching...it had meaning. I recommend this course to every officer.


Remo Zimbaldi, Swampscott MA. Fire Department


He has inspired me to get me Instructors I & II Certificate so I to can become an educator in the Fire Service Profession.


Robert Jordan, Lynn MA. Fire Department


Bob did an outstanding job of incorporating comments made both during the classroom sessions and during the breaks in to the class lecture. The media was solid. It was to the point and also on point. Excellent presentation style with a delivery approach that brought you into real-life situations in your own department.


Michael Hazel, Wilmington MA. Fire Department


Bob is a professional and, although a retired Firefighter, he still has a real passion for the Job that is very evident. He has a genuine concern for the safety of FF's and really wants those who participate in the ISO program to be successful in their duties in keeping FF's safe. He kept my attention in class and I definitely will recommend this course to others. Great Job Bob !!! Keep up the Good Work !!!


Kevin Kiley, Lynnfield MA. Fire Department