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Driving emergency vehicles - "Attitude awareness"


Nothing is truly Free is it?   Here is the catch -


I would like to make March of each year Driver Awareness month. I would like to consider my program open to outside thoughts and idea's.  At the close of each module is a feedback form.  One evaluation for each of the 8 free units. Your feedback will be looked at and may become part of the program.  Any accepted idea will be credited to the person sending it in to us.   It will be added to the present program and in March 2018 it will be released with the upgraded materials.  It would remain FREE.


This is one area I hope to pay forward and have others think about what we present relative to attitudinal awareness for driving emergency vehicles.


Are you able to watch, review and suggest?   Here is just a bit more before deciding to register.

wHY so important to PSEN

Driving emergency apparatus has been a source of pride for me.  As a younger man I flew aircraft as a commercial pilot/flight instructor.  The need for situational awareness, decision making, and returning home after every flight was a goal.  That attitude followed me to the fire trucks I drove.   Professional Firefighter/Emergency Vehicle Driver/Operator.  I know that everyone believes they drive well.  I know most drivers feel they know the law regarding emergency response.


This has been a personal project I have been working on for many years.   We will teach this program in the classroom if hired to visit your organization. Classroom offers so much relative to face-to-face questions and answers.  In lieu of that opportunity PSEN would like you to consider our Driver Awareness & Attitudinal Awareness program. Your feedback will be viewed as constructive program assessment and suggestions PSEN will evaluate and add to our next program update.


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