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Department Fire Services

I have worked as a contract consultant for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Fire Services since 1993.  From burn building support to coordinator my heart found a great place to train and educate men and women hoping to become officers and lead crews safely through the dangers of our environment.


The last years of my consulting has been to assist the Commonwealth Fire service to more comprehensive on-line training.  The challenge of course is to make the experience worthwhile fort he students electing to participate.  The ideas that if students are not in a classroom learning does not take place.  After all ... with Online material how can we know if they are really participating?   My reply ... Just because they attend a class does not mean they are participating fully.   Some nod their head indicating yes yet I know they are checking email, text and goggling.


The Commonwealth realized the same and embarked on transitioning classroom materials into adjunct Online programs.  We built in additional audio, video and graphic young social savvy students expect in an Online presentation.


Below are just a few programs to show you the kind of things the Massachusetts Fire Academy is attempting.  Here at PSEN we are thrilled to be part of that development team.

PSEN produced each of these 24 videos for the DFS/MFA Recruit Program.