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I started this venture with one goal in mind. To master the use of technology and reach out to firefighters all across the country. To provide competitive alternatives to local training. Since our launch in 2003 we have steadily grown into an organization that provides a unique perspective in many of the "soft skills" firefighters should consider when leading others. To change a culture can take many years. To believe in the possibilities forces us to make decisions. Do we believe in it?Can we achieve it? First Responders need to work differently, train differently, and think differently. In 2003, when we launched PSEN it seemed that we were slightly ahead of the Internet training craze. The majority of Internet subscribers only had access to dial-up connections. Streaming media was expensive and difficult to view.


Look where we are today. Computer technology and high speed Internet access has changed the dynamic completely. Social growth is different than it was a generation ago. If we are to be as prepared as we could be as first responders then we need educational options. PSEN can be your option. With twenty three years as an educator I knew that creating a Internet based public safety education network would be my greatest challenge. I summoned a small contingency of people with tremendous fire service experience and developed a personal sounding board and with their guidance, expertise, and direction PSEN began its journey


Some see our learning vessel as a revolution against tradition but our PSEN passengers see it as evolution. We realize how hard it is to move in any direction when you are dug into a strong belief. However, it is OK to recognize that evolution provides opportunity and you will always be welcome to join the PSEN family. Every person hopes to live life to a standard and leave behind a legacy. I would like to share mine. It is a passage that I found many years ago and it goes like this --


"I hope my achievements in life shall be these --


That I will have fought for what was right and fair, that I will have risked for what mattered, that I will have given help to those who were in need, that I will have left the earth a better place for what I have done and who I have been" ... Author C. Hoppe